Audrey ROATTA founded Seiten Event in 2008 with the mission to deliver expert event services of an international standard to Saudi Arabia. Together, with a team of experienced professionals from the French Event Industry, Seiten Event is following through with their commitment and exceeding the expectations of their ever-growing list of corporate clients.
Seiten Event’s initial success came through the production of “The 9th Jeddah Economic Forum”, “The Makkah Architectural Exhibition” and “The Inaugural Ceremony of Petro Rabigh”. It was through these high-caliber productions, that Seiten Event was able to establish itself in Saudi Arabia as the leading event company.

Now, Seiten Event is progressing even further by reinforcing its presence in the Middle East and bringing expert talent into the Kingdom to produce events that often exceed their international counterparts. Our professional team consists of known industry leaders, whose goal is to fuse their technical expertise with the demands of the local market.

Our Partnerships:
Roatta and her team are cultivated out of the event industry in France, where it is in its purest form; specifically dedicated to corporate events and ceremonies. The inner workings of the industry have always been dependent on the support of specialized subcontractors. What gives Seiten Events its advantage is its ability to plan, manage, and allocate work to the best subcontractors of their respective fields, while ensuring on-time delivery of the highest quality.
Seiten Event is supported by exclusive local and international partners in technical and logistical fields such as sound, lighting, video, decoration, online reservation center, media coverage, content …
Seiten Event is a specialist in the field of Consulting in Communication Events ,and acts as a strategic and operational consultant.  Its activities rest upon its top-level multidisciplinary team, in which each member is an expert in his/her field.

Scope of Services:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Innovative Marketing Practices
  • Event Management
  • Forum Production
  • Ceremonies Events Creation and Production